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Polishing Stones


5 Elements to Deciding Quality of Abrasive Stones

  • The kinds Grains
    As a cutter, grains play the main role of for polishing the material to be processed
  • Grits
    The size of the grains
  • Organization
    The rate of the grainsin the abrasive stones.
  • Bondage Strength
    the strength of the bondage to hold grains
  • The kinds of Bonds
    the difference of the bonding material to hold grains


3 Elements, Grain, Bondage and Holes, consisting abrasive stones and secondary processing

1. Grains

  • kinds of grains
    • melted aluminum grains
    • carbonized silicon
  • size of grains (grits)
  • quantity of grains (organization)

2. Bondage

  • kinds of bondage
    • vitrified, resinoid and etc.
  • quantity of bondage (bonding strenght)
    • soft medium strong etc.

3. Holes

  • kinds of holes
    • ventilated holes
    • non-ventilated holes
  • quantity of holes
    • porous holes abrasive stones
    • no holes abrasive stones

Secondary processing Filling materials Additives
Filling materials and additives are mixed in Processing materials abrasive stones other than processing materials, such as sulfur for filling holes, and bondage.

Points for selection of abrasive stones

1. Selection of abrasive stones with grains (A, WA, C, GC, etc) suitable for the material to be polished
2. Selection of abrasive stones manufactured and secondary processed suitable for the material to be polished
3. Selection of abrasive stones with proper grits and mesh for the surface to be polished.
4. Selection of abrasive stones with proper size for the place to be polished


The role of the stoning oil is significantly important for the stick type Abrasive stone.

“FLASH 600”

STONING-OILFlash 600 is originally developed by 3A-Sangyo

  • FLASH 600 strengthen the polishing power of the grains, reduce the abrasion of grains, cool down the friction heat and give the stones long life.
  • FLASH 600 protect work pieces from scratches by washing away polished wastes and felled down grains, keep new edge constantly and prevent the holes from clogging and crushing.
  • FLASH 600 maximize the sharpness and give the longest life for whetstones.
  • FLASH600 is gentle for human skin of the hands and legs.

*There are some stones and some cases which don’t need stoning oil. Ask our salespersons on details.


Manufactured Based Upon Ideas Born In Factories “NEW HOLDERS”
– Promoting the productivity of workers by protecting stones from destruction of their edges
– Stones are not to be dragged because of NEW HOLDERS unique structure to keep a sure clamping.
– Mold are safe from damage due to this holder’s soft plastic structure
– The holding touch for the hand is very soft, giving little fatigue for the workers.

Polishing Stones

Application : Surface lapping after EDM Processing for general mold
Features : The Lap Mate is manufactured for keeping new blade constantley with minimum bonds and maximum density of grains to prevent from falling out. Due to our special processed resin, the form of the edge lasts long and can be used for detail finishing as well as rough and medium finishing.

Application : Surface polish after EDM processing for general mold
Features : This special stone has higher hardness and less abrasion. It shows high performance for detailed polish, such as corners of acute angles.

Download for more information

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