Complete deburring and polishing in your CNC machine XEBEC Brush™

XEBEC Brush uses unique abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grain.
Each bristle consists of 1,000 ceramic fibers that work as cutting edges.
Overwhelming grinding power, Consistent cutting performance, No deformation.
Enables CNC deburring immediately after milling and machining operations inside the same machine tool.

Spherical deburring cutter and custom-made tool path XEBEC Back Burr Cutter & Deburring Tool Path™​

The combination of the spherical deburring cutter and the custom-made tool path enables hole deburring on a 3D curved surface in your CNC machine. High-speed and excellent quality deburring is achieved while maximizing the tool life. The tool path data can be used as soon as being installed on a NC program, saving your time to make your own program.

Burrless chamfering with a patented, multi-blade, V-shaped design XEBEC Burrless Chamfering Cutter™

Unique design cuts a finished chamfer without secondary burrs. This eliminates the need for another deburring process. Twice longer tool life than a conventional chamfering cutter. Multi-blade design enables high feed rate. The flat tip design prevents rounding and chipping that may cause tool length measurement errors.

Made of unique ceramic fiber XEBEC Ceramic Stone™

No breaking, No cracking, No chipping. XEBEC Ceramic Stone uses the original abrasive ceramic fiber material instead of abrasive grains.

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