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Grinding is sharply and polishing is softly, that is “DAIWA RABIN”.

it is applicable from grinding, polishing and de-burring after processing to finishing.

Features of the elastic rubber grinding stone: Daiwa Rabin An ideal grinding stone must “cut”,”polish”,and “last long”!

Daiwa Rabin is a rubber grinding stone.

The expansion of the potential of rubber grinding stones through the rubber design and the special abrasive grain (*CM type) developed by Daiwa Kasei, as well as the “rubber elasticity”, which is a feature of rubbber grinding stones, has helped receive a high evaluation indicating that “It’s ‘Daiwa Rabin’ that comes to the mind when one says rubber grinding stones”.

Daiwa Rabin is a grinding stone made of elastic rubber.

It has a specific property called “rubber elasticity” that is not seen in other tools. “Rubber elasticity” is very different from general ” elaticity”, which is characterized by deformation according to the load as well as a high amount of deformation Therefore, handling the Daiwa Rabin as a general grinding stone and cutting tool can be very dangerous.

*Example : As compared to the maximum allowable rotation speed of 42,000 r.p.m. of a ∅ 19 vitrified mounted grinding stone, a ∅ 20 to 25 Daiwa Rabin grinding stone has a maximum allowable rotation speed of 20,000 r.p.m., which is very different.

*Unlike a grinding wheel and cutting tool, increasing the rotation speed beyond the maximum allowable rotation speed is very dangerous in the case of a rubber grinding stone. Use the grinding stone at a rotation speed lower than the maximum allowable rotation speed.


cm-typeCM Type
The CM type has a special abrasive grain developed inhouse and also an orginal rubber composition, which enable it to exhibit excellent cutting quality that is unique to Daiwa Rabin

It is a long-selling type that represents “Daiwa Rabin” not only because of its unique elasticity (softness), but also because of its design that perfectly balances the cutting quality, polished surface, and durability, and its use in various operations involving different types of materials.

OX-TypeOX Type
Resolving surface roughness : For your ” polishing” work, you may use the OX type that offers a wide range of grain sizes.

Although this type is used mainly for polishing, from the viewpoint of work piece material having high hardness and differnt surface conditions, and also in view of durability even in the case of the polishing process, a reasonably tough rubber design has been adopted.

Un-typeUN Type
For the de-burring process, the rubber is hardened to prevent the burrs and edges from eating into the the rubber.

Daiwa Rabin is ideal for de-burring

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