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XEBEC tools are made from a material like none other! Unmatched grinding force and cutting power!

We provide completely new abrasive stones and deburring tools with our revolutionary technology using ceramic fibers

Bristle and Structure
One bristle has 1,000 cutting edges.

Each bristle is made by fixing 500-1,000 ceramic fibers, each a few dozen microns in diameter, together with a binder. The tips of each of these fibers, form the cutting edges. Continuous cutting edges provide stable and consistent grinding performance.


3 Features of XEBEC Brush

1.Overpowering grinding force. The high grinding power exhibited by thousands of cutting surfaces reliably removes burrs.
2.Consistent cutting edges. The self-sharpening fiber structure works to the very end without losing grinding power.
3.No deformation. The brushes, made of a high-denslty fiber structure, have high rigidity and do not become distorted with repeated use.

1.Overpowering grinding force.
Free of abrasive grains. The fiber content ratio is approximately 80%

Our uniquely developed ceramic fibers themselves are the abrasives; their fiber content ratio is over 80% The thousands of cutting edges that are made up of the ends of each individual fiber create overpowering grinding power.


Handles all sorts of materials up to HRC 65
The brushes can process general materials up to HRC 65 They can handle hard-to-cut and superhard materials from general metals. aluminum, and resin, to SUS, Inconel, and titanium.

Comparison of grinding capacity with other companies’ products


2.Consistent cutting edges.
Comparison of brush filament shapes (after use)
– Brass wire
– Steel wire
– Abrasive impregnated mylon brush filament
– XEBEC ceramic fiber bristle (A11:Red)

They maintain their straight shape, and do not spread out like a toothbrush.

Self-sharpening unique to ceramic fiber
Through the self-sharpening of cutting edges on the fiber ends, the brushes do not become clogged, and new, fresh cutting edges are always protruding.

The stability of performance make true automation possible.
Particularly since this “controllable brush” constantly maintains its stable cutting power, it is possible to automate the deburring and polishing process.


3.No deformation.
Best achievable surface roughness: Ra=0.1 µm

The superfine fibers, measured in micrometers, can improve surface roughness in a short time.


Comparison of surface roughness after polishing with other companies’ products


Innovative technology
Our engineers developed the world’s first ceramic fiber stones with aerospace materials (alumina fiber filaments) that utilize highly advanced chemical technologies.


  • High polishing efficiency can be ensured by the crystal structure of the alumina fiber filaments, which is optimal for polishing.
  • Polishing efficiency and strength have been improved by the two way linear structure, which prevents side-slipping.
  • High accuracy of surfaces can be attained by the uniform fiber diameter.
  • No dropping of abrasive grains that create linear scratches.
  • Little heat generation that minimizes a workpiece alteration and the tool deterioration.
  • The tip of a tool can be shaped in accordance with the shape of a workpiece.


  • Ideal for precise polishing of free surfaces, free curves, ribs, bosses, etc., of various forming molds (especially plastic mold).
  • Excellent polishing performance for material under HRC57.
  • High polishing efficiency can be achieved without clogging, even for metals such as aluminum, copper, gun metal, etc., which clogs with common abrasive stones.
  • Can be used in narrow areas where common abrasivestones cannot be used because of breaking.
  • Can be used on complex shapes where uniform finishing could not be previously attained. Efficient EDM scales removal.
  • XEBEC utilizes 50um alumina fiber filaments, the first in the industry. We developed the coarsest ceramic fiber stones (equivalent to #120) which have impressive efficiency with thick alimina fiber filaments.
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