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The former Korea Tungsten Company was born from the mines in Gangwon Province in the northern part of South Korea in 1916.

Since then, TaeguTec has grown to become not only South Korea’s largest and most innovative industrial cutting tool manufacturer, but also an important provider of tungsten powders, solid carbide rolls and specialized industrial products to the world at large.
This remarkable achievement is due to the company’s talented workforce, including its pioneering research and development teams, its aggressive one-step-ahead investment strategies and insightful marketing strategies that keep taking an avant-garde approach to its multinational presence.

Alloys of every kind are constantly changing and evolving into better, stronger, more reliable products used in virtually every part of our lives. With this in mind, TaeguTec’s optimized solutions have been developed to cater to the demands of the industry.

Furthermore, TaeguTec’s professional engineers go one step further by providing customized technical consulting support to its customers. These approaches ensure that TaeguTec faces a very promising future by giving customers tailored solutions that meet their specific demands.

R & D


TaeguTec’s Research and Development department thrives on using their expertise in advanced technologies to better serve existing and future customer’s needs. The Asian metalworking giant’s world-class R&D center thrives on continuously investing in developing outstanding products and technologies that lead to higher productivity cutting tools and industrial products. In collaboration with the best engineers in the business, the R&D department is constantly focusing on developing original technologies that can be applied to virtually every important manufacturing sector.

We are constantly searching for ways to improve and create products that cut cost and increase the productivity of our partners. This is why our R&D engineers are separated into teams that work independently from each other in order to either create next generation cutting tools or advance another team’s invention.

Furthermore, through close collaboration with our customers, we have combined our experiences to create cutting tools that cater to their individual needs.

This has resulted in the development of new tools that are the world’s best when applied to extreme working conditions and have provided customers with longer tool life and higher productivity.

At TaeguTec, the manufacturing process is comprehensive; from refining raw powder to the final packaging. The process is consistent with a one-stop processing platform that has been refined over 90 years of engineering experience; a work ethic and philosophy that enables us to meet our customers’ needs.

Through intensive research and development TaeguTec has produced original and unique cutting tools based on comprehensive testing that proves them to be reliable and effective.

No effort is spared at our R&D department, and the company as a whole works to provide products that increase productivity, reduce the customers’ cost and helps to create safe reliable products.


TurnGrade_pGrade : Gold Rush
The ingenious solution that takes cutting tool materials to another level

» Excellent surface finish on the workpiece
» Improved adhesion and insert chipping resistance
» Stable and extended tool life in continuous and interrupted cutting operations
» Reduced cutting friction and minimized built-up edge on exotic materials

rhinorush_image1Rhino Rush
Smaller and stronger
» Smaller & stronger than conventional ISO turning inserts
» Next generation clamping system : Two directional clamping force
» Excellent productivity and longer, stable tool life
» Size technology

turnrush_pTurn Rush
HB chip breaker
For semi heavy turning

» Low cutting forces and an optimized chip breaker suitable for semi heavy machining
» Hook lever clamping system gives unique contact surface with large convex
» Double sided insert
» Unique insert and shim profile offer maximum stability in semi-heavy machining
» 3 dimensional geometry that is exchangeable with the ISO standard holder

lifeplus_imageLife Plus
Improved performance with new coating technology

» High wear resistance and excellent chipping resistance
» Specially applied GoldRush surface treatment
» Extended tool life with stability
» Stable tool life in high temperature machining
» Longer tool life under higher cutting conditions compared to existing grades
» Guaranteed stability in high feed and speed machining conditions

tburst_image1T-Burst High Pressure
High pressure coolant tool for difficult-to-cut materials

» Excellent chip control on problematic materials
» Increased tool life when machining titanium, other heat resistant alloys
» Very effective cooling down of the cutting edge

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